Private Pro is REALLY restrictive

So this means that only people who have already visited my app, and people who have gmail accounts can access it? The people who have already signed in aren’t going to be paying customers. Do I have to wait until my payment is due to downgrade to Pro? Will I be able to have Zapier send emails whenever someone sends a private message? If so, would that be a paying plan? I think those are just “actions”, and you get a decent number of those for free, or like $10/mo…

The whole point of a Private App is that it’s… Private. You get to control who can access it.

No. There are several sign-in options available with a Private App - they are explained in detail here.

My understanding is that you can downgrade at anytime, and you’ll receive a pro-rated credit.

I’ve not used Zapier, so I’ll leave the Zapier related questions for others to respond to.

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I got it for the email notifications. I like the public with email option but I can’t do that with Private Pro. But I can get that if I go one tier down, right? I really like the email notifications…:neutral_face:

I have not used Private Pro that often. Can you specify what kind of email does Glide send when you say “email notifications”? Is it the in-app email action?

Private Pro apps are for business use, and their cost is $2 * your number of active users, each month. They are very different from Public apps. You should not use Private Pro if all you want is to avoid using Zapier to send emails.

You can change your tier at any time.


Hey @david, just curious:

Why are only Private Pro apps allowed to use the Send Email action and the Roles feature?
Exactly why is the team not wanting Pro/Basic apps to be able to use those features?

Yes, it’s the in-app email action. I like it cause it’s really simple, but it’s also really basic. It only comes from a noreply email address. That doesn’t look great so I guess I’m better off using Zapier, anyway. It’s a feature that’s only available on Private Pro, but it makes it hard for people to access your app. I get that it’s called “Private”, but that extra feature made it attractive to me. I guess there are only a finite number of privacy settings, so sign in with email had to get dropped.

Sign in with email is an option with Private Pro. What makes you think that it isn’t available?

I’d prefer that anyone who visits my app be able sign in, regardless of their email address.

It’s actually even worse than I thought. Just having a gmail address isn’t good enough to get you in. You have to have previously signed in with a gmail account. I can’t even sign in with my

Sorry, but that’s simply not true.
If that’s what’s happening, then something isn’t right with your app or the way it’s set up.

I have a number of Private Pro apps, and on each one I use Allowed Email list. As long as a users email is on the list, then they never have a problem signing into my apps. And despite what you appear to believe, this is not restricted to Gmail addresses. Any email addresses will work. The only difference is that if they don’t use a Gmail address, then they’ll be sent a single-use PIN code the first time they try to sign in.

Yeah, I thought that you had to be pre-approved OR just sign in with a Gmail address. But a gmail address, by itself, isn’t good enough. Your HAVE to be pre-approved. It doesn’t matter, switching to Pro was easy. Now I just have to learn how to use Zapier. A little extra work/knowledge won’t kill

Yes, Private means pre-approved emails only.