Private App Distinction

Is this private-sign-in (limit access by email)

the same as this private pro app?

In other words, can the private sign in be used for basic and basic ‘pro’ apps?

You need a Private Pro plan to be able to select and use the Private Sign In option, so yes, it’s nthe same thing.

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So just for more clarification - does this “unlock” the “Roles” function/option?

So say you want to onboard 5 “Admin Accounts” (Businesses, Clients, Employees, etc.) into your app, does this mean that each of those Admins would cost $2 per month: totaling: $10/mo + $40/mo for the app = $50/mo…?

Thanks in advance! :pray:

Yes the Private plan would allow you to use “Roles”.

The extra $2 per user only kicks in when you exceed 20 active users for a given month.

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Dang, I was hoping I was getting somewhere by creating a basic private sign in app for my businesses. Another roadblock.

Thank you!

I don’t know if this would work for your use case but - could you just create a drop-down menu column in the GSheet called “ADMIN/USER” and then when your businesses sign on, just manually assign them as “ADMIN” and then for whatever tabs you need them to view or restrict access to, set it up so when Email = Signed-in user AND ADMIN/USER = ADMIN…?

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I’m creating a second basic app for businesses because I need to have row owners enabled, and protect private data. I would rather have it where only the business emails can sign in. This is where I want to apply the above as a basic private sign in app (as a basic app)

The 1st is a pro app is for the public and will have a few protected columns.

Ahhh I see! Well then yeah, 2 apps is probably the way to go!

Good luck on your build!

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Hmm, I’m thinking I can have a tab which only shows up when someone who isn’t a businesses signs in and it directs them to the public app. What do you think?

I’m also only sharing the link with businesses so it shouldn’t get around to the public as much.

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