Private Pro Everything in Pro App Plus

The Private Pro App description on the pricing pages says " Everything in Pro" so I assume that includes “Public sign-in”
Anyone can sign in using their email address.

Is your web page correct, that Private Pro includes everything in pro? I can envision an app that could have tiered access if this is true.

Please advise.

Well, a private app is private, so only a whitelisted list of users can access the app. I guess the question is why would you consider a private app if you are going to allow anybody to sign in?

I only considered it because the pricing page says EVERYTHING, and immediately wondered if there could be tiered access. Why would Glide say EVERYTHING if they didn’t mean it? Including unlimited public sign-ins?

Well, I guess the way I understand it, ‘everything’ includes pro features, such as row limits, sheet edit limits, storage limits, larger usage limits on some components, access to some of the pro only components, etc. I don’t consider the privacy level to be part of that as it’s implied by the name of the plan.

Is there a specific Private Pro features that you are looking to use? The biggest advantages for a Private Pro plan are complete data security with access only to those whitelisted users, along with the use of Role based security. Also keep in mind that a Private Pro plan charges by the active user count, so if it was opened up to allow absolutely anybody to sign in, you could be looking at some high per user costs.

I think you may have to explain tiered access a little more. A private pro plan may not be what you are looking for, but if we understand what you are trying to achieve, it may help to get you the proper solution. One additional question is, how secure does your data need to be? Is this something that could be achieved with some simple filtering and visibility, or is this vital data that should be prevented from downloading to a user’s device in the first place if they should not have access?

Thanks for taking the time to elaborate - I appreciate that. I had a Glide account last year and did some experiments but never did anything of scale. Seems that account has been whacked.

I came back to see what’s new what sparks my imagination. The Pro App might be what I want, with buy button and that soft of thing. Have to crawl before I can walk.


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I would start with a free app to get started developing. When you are ready, upgrade to pro, and if you still feel you need a private pro app, then you can still upgrade. Might help to dive in first to see what you need or don’t need. Glide does pro-rate and will credit any unused money back to you glide account for use with other plans or apps.

Meanwhile, check out the Security Center to understand what I was getting at above with data security.


Thanks! Very helpful. I’ll make a note of this, and when I need help you’ll be the first I reach out to.

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@Jeff_Hager I’m having the same question now and I’m not convinced by “why would you consider a private app if you are going to allow anybody to sign in?”.

Well because the pricing package says everything in Pro, which I assume should give me the option to still switch to public sign-in when I need to.

I’m shocked that I can only allow private sign in??

There is no such thing as a public private app–that’s an oxymoron.


An app is public or private. I don’t understand how you can restrict access to certain users AND still have it Public. If you want public access to the app, but keep the data private, then use Row Owners and/or User Specific columns.