Roles in PRO plan is possible?

I have an app in glide that everyone can use and see but some users want them to have specific roles to modify data. I’m a bit confused with which type of plan to use the pro or the private pro. it is possible to use the PRO plan and have roles. how can I do?

Glide have a user specific columns and filters, and visibility filters… don’t you wanna use them? i.m 100% sure you will love Glide even more!

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If you only need roles to modify data, just use a normal “role” column and configure visibility accordingly like Uzo said.

Roles in Private Pro is for allowing roles to download and see only the data they’re allowed to.

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i never use roles column… i create my own in users sheet … glide have User profile check option on most of components

Roles and Row owners are for privacy and security

Hi @Luis_Siles :wave:

The way I see it:

  • Private Pro app: app access limited to a finite, somewhat limited number of users. For instance: employees, existing customers, partners, etc. Imagine a client portal or employee intranet, but in PWA app format. Specificity: extra security and privacy.
  • (Public) Pro app: app access not limited to a finite number of people. Imagine a website or SaaS where anyone can sign up (Public with email) , or there might not even be any sign-in required (Public). With a Pro app, we as Glide developers can use all the bells and whistles offered by Glide: scaling thresholds/limits, extra configuration options, etc.

As @Uzo and @ThinhDinh suggested, in your case you probably want to keep your Pro app and use visibility. The visibility feature is not a security feature since all the data in your app will be downloaded to every user’s device and filtered on the device for visibility.


Thanks for the Explanation, Now understand better, and all for the advice, I will review to move forward, if someone had an example to see it would be great.