Redirect users at login to different apps?

Glide’s marketing materials says that the “PRIVATE APP” has “Everything in PRO” plus additional features (e.g. Role based data security):

But that is not true. The PRIVATE APP does not have “Public with Email” sign in as an option like the PRO app has. Oh well - that is life. So I am looking for a work around solution.

When I raised this with Glide support, their response was I need to have two versions of my app. One that is a PRO app for anyone to use to create an account. And then another version of the app that is a “PRIVATE APP” for them to use once they have created their profile - this will allow the second app to use the Roles Based Security Features (which I need, as subsegments of app users need access to the same data sets - but for security reasons, I need to prevent some of the data from being downloaded for other users).

Does anyone know how I can “redirect” a user from the PRO app version to the PRIVATE APP version once the user has created their account? (a) I would like this to be as seamless for the users as possible and (b) I would like to avoid having the user to do the “Install to home screen” twice - once for the PRO version and then again for the PRIVATE APP version (as they will need to have different URLs).


Or is there a way to create “Roles” based security in the PRO version that I am not seeing?


Is the intention just to collect the list of emails needed to provide access to the Private app? Is a separate “app” needed for this process, or could you use something like a Google Form to get users to sign up, then add them as authorized users to your Private app?

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shchc - thanks. That could be a solution, but really, I am looking at it the other way. I don’t really need any of the other PRIVATE APP features other than Roles.

Until I come up with a better solution than two apps, I am just going to offer the basic version (one person can access the data) so I can use the PRO version for now.

If Roles are the only Private feature you need, you can find other creative ways around it by using just a Pro plan. Multiple row owners can be assigned to each row and you could use actions to add those individuals to the specific rows as row owners when new rows are added. It all depends what you need to do/protect.

That sounds like a great solution. So if User 1 creates a new record, how can I add Users 2, 3 and 4 as row owners?

What actions would I take to remove row owners across multiple records if I remove a user?

You would have to create columns for each possible row owner (so if you know you’ll only need 4 row owners, create 4 columns and set them as Row Owners).

Next, add a set columns action to whatever action currently adds rows to your table. Set the row owner columns with the email addresses of the users you want to “own” the new rows.

For revoking access, you can use a set columns action again and clear the value of the column.

In my experience with multiple row owners, I almost always do them in the Sheets and use dynamic array formulas to get an array column of row owners in Glide, then set row owner to that array column.

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This sounds like it could be a great solution. But I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, so can I try to restate what you have said.

In Glide, I use a column array as the owner of a record for Sheet ABC.

In Google Sheets ABC, I have columns called Owner 1, Owner 2 and Owner 3 used by Glide to make this column array. And a column called Group ID for the group of users to be granted access.

I also have a sheet of call Users with at least two columns, one column being the user’s email address and a group ID in another column. If I want a Group ID 123 to have access to a row on Sheet ABC, I do a Google Sheets FIND in the Owner 1 column on sheet ABC that finds all the users’ email address on sheet Users in that Group ID 123?

In Owner 1 column, I would have a value of say “,,”. Then maybe another value in Owner 2, I might have

Does Glide see comma separated values in Owner 1 column as values in the column array so that each of these users will have access to that record?

It sounds like you understood correctly.

Just to be clear when you say “In Glide, I use a column array as the owner of a record for Sheet ABC.”

There’s nothing really to configure in Glide here. If you add columns to GSheet labeled Email 1, Email 2, etc… Glide will automatically form an array column for you. Your only step would be to turn on row owners for that newly created array column.

FYI you can assign multiple columns in Glide to be a row owner. Forming an array just keeps the data nice and neat.

When you say a “Google Sheets find” I would use an arrayformula + Vlookup here. An alternative to using a GSheet formula would be to add user’s Email through an add row or set column value somewhere in your flow.

…and yes Glide recognizes the comma separted values, it will make each value in the array a row owner.

I hope this helps!

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you also may want to take a look at this thread A group of row owners - #6 by ThinhDinh

I had a similar situation and @ThinhDinh helped me out with a solution, you can access it on this sheet.

Good luck