A group of row owners

Need guidance, I have half the solution but can’t figure out to do the other half

A public member creates a record/ticket, I get the creators email address and make it a row owner, so now public can ONLY see the tickets they create.

I have another column for assigned technician and I make that column a row owner too, now when I assign a technician to the ticket the tech can also see that row.

I have a general call center (CSRs) about 10-15 (varying number), they also need access to tickets, they should be able to see all tickets. How do I do that and make it manageable. The CSR’s change often so it needs to be easy to manage. Is there a way of saying anyone who is a CSR has access without make it a private app ?

One way to achieve this would be to list all CSR‘s in their own row on a separate sheet. Then, in the sheet where you need CSR row owners, create a Google spreadsheet formula that brings in a join list of these emails and then split them across multiple columns. I recommend doing this within the right most columns of your sheet (so the formula doesn’t break). Then, label those columns as CSR 1, CSR 2, etc. Glide will interpret this as an array column and you can make that column row owner.

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Yeah this is the correct way to do it. That join list formula isn’t easy though, if @Dan_San needs it I’ll be willing to help. The join list column in Glide spoiled me :joy:

Also, we should have a dynamic formula to generate new “CSR X” names as the list grows to make sure the array column is not break.

If it’s Private Pro, he could just use roles.


@ThinhDinh always welcome your mind blowing solutions, so if there is an existing thread you can point me to then that will be great for educational.

We currently have 30 CSRs likely to increase to 35-40 in the next few months and more in the future, so not sure I like the idea of so many extra columns to hack a solution. I was wondering how I would be able to dynamically add a new row for additional CSRs or if I will have to create extra 10 columns for future use and make sure I just create more before I run out.

I was also coming to the same conclusion as @Darren_Murphy with roles in Pvt App.

Am I correct in assuming I can have two different apps (public for my customers) and then a private one for my staff. Am I able to use row owners + roles together to achieve my security ?

Also I think I read you can have array of roles to allow multiple roles to have access like we are trying to do with row owners. Is that correct ?

I’m sure my solution will be dynamic enough for your need, taking into account any number of row owners you need to have, just that it will be a lot of columns in your case. I’ll post it later.

And yeah, I think you can also do multiple roles in an array. You can test it again with a trial Private Pro app just to be sure.

@Dan_San here’s the demo.

Each row will have its own email as a row owner, then all master admins to follow.

Thank you very much. I will down load and play around with it.

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Let me know if it works for you. Just do it straight in the file or make a copy.