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i created an app for my golf league of around 40-50 players, i want to go to premium but not sure i understand the costs involved and benefits of different paid features. i would like all members to have an individual password and unlimited access … how much would i be looking at spending ??

I think a Basic or Pro plan would be sufficient. How many rows of data to you think you will have?

If you go with the Private Plan, you will have a private app where you can control who has access to sign in, but you will be paying extra once you get more than 20 users signing in within a month. This seems to be overkill, unless you have super sensitive data in your app.

The Basic plan gives you extra rows of data.
The Pro plan give you pro features, many more rows and file storage, plus various other extras.
Free, Basic, and Pro don’t restrict who can sign into the app like Private does, but if you structure it correctly, you can restrict functionality to only the user’s you want.

Signing in with an Email/Pin or Google authentication, are the only secure ways to allow users to sign in and still have the app recognize who the signed in user is. There is no traditional username/password functionality for signing in.


thanks for the reply … it was my understanding that if i upgraded to a private app all users would have their own sign-in credentials … is that wrong? the sheet itself is not terribly technical but it tracks our scores, rounds, handicaps that will edited heavily in-season … i expect 40-50 people signing up for it

A Private app allows you to create a whitelist of users that can sign in. Those that are not whitelisted will not be able to sign in.

The method of signing in is the same as it is on all plans, where you sign in with an email/pin or by using google authentication. You can use password for signing in, but it’s a global password for everyone and doesn’t allow the app to differentiate which user is which.

ahhhh … thanks

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you can do it on a free plan… sign-in is a free feature