Which plan do I need?

I want to allow simultaneous users when using private password sign-in. Can I do this with the Basic plan?


Hi @Enterprisearkitekt


Thank you but my question is regarding which of the plans I need, if Basic plan is enough.

I’m under the impression that you would need a Private plan since it’s a private app with multiple simultaneous users.

I’m a little unclear on some of the privacy options. Some of them that I would expect to require a private plan (whitelist) instead show the plan list for free, basic or pro. I’m guessing that single password and single user could work on a free or basic plan, but obviously is restricted to one user.

Thank you :grinning:

I will have to see if I can find this “private plan”. At the moment all I see are these (see pic).

It the one on the right that says Private.


I just choked on my Coke…


haha - well… I just didn’t want it to be the most expensive one, so I guess I didn’t look that far to the right. :joy:

You wrote into support after getting this answer here? Why did you ask the same question again?