Ability to gain access to another app for Support


I’ve been helping a community member with a Glide app and now that I’ve had them copy the app to their account and start using it, it’s incredibly tough to help them make changes and support them without somehow accessing their account.

It would be great to allow a Glide Expert gain access to the go.glideapp interface of a specific user’s account (with their permission of course) in order to more easily help with app changes, etc.

This is what Orgs are for. Later today you will be able to collaborate on public apps in orgs as well.

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But do Orgs also mean that all apps in the Org are paid apps (per user per month)?

Yes, orgs are not for free apps. Collaboration is a paid feature in Glide.

We will have per-app pricing for Public apps in orgs this week, so they do not need to be paid per user.

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Interesting. I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks.

This app is indeed a free, educational app and the app owner just wants some ongoing support with a few feature updates and to fix things if they change something in the editor. Maybe it would make more sense for me to have an Org account and then I would “own” the apps I build for myself and others and then I’d provide access to a specific app to a specific user in my Org account. Is this also something that Orgs could allow (per app permissions per user for editing in the editor)?