Questions about organizations

Hi all,

I teach people how to build stuff with Glide, and I’m looking into the option of organizations to have a collaborative environment for a whole class of people. So that I can look into their app and help them make the app better. It feel like this is good for that.

Do you agree? Do I interpret the organizations right?

  • Am I right that this is a free option?
  • Can I work as an admin in the apps of other people that have been added to the organization?
  • What are the limitations for this? Is there a max amount of people or amount of apps?
  • Is it possible to move apps out of an organization or do you need to rebuild it outside the organization?

Sorry for all the questions, didnt find it easy to find them elsewhere!

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Nice summary @erwblo , I have similar questions, I look forward to see others comments.

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  • Yes it’s free.
  • Yes, all user’s in the organization can edit and administer the app.
  • Not sure on the max amount of users in an Org, but I would probably recommend an org for each student. Otherwise, if you had a single Org, everybody could edit everybody else’s app.
  • I don’t believe there is currently a way to move apps out of an Org…at least not yet.
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Thanx, Jeff, good idea to have one organization per student!

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Regarding the last point, I believe only an agency plan would allow moving apps out of an org.

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