Buy button for non-profit?

Hi everyone,

We’re a french NGO organizing music festivals and other events. We are on a NGO plan (basically business without watermark which is more than fine for us !), but I just realized that the buy button is not available. Is it normal ?

Non-profit organization still needs money to operate, and do sell things sometimes (ie entrances for our festivals in our case). It’s just that we won’t use the money for us.

At the moment we use Woocommerce but we would like to switch to glideapps so that it’s more convenient for our members, how can we do this ?

Thanks for your answer !

The Buy button is only available on paid plans, but Glide does have a nonprofit program. More information in the posts below.

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We do pay 25$ a month, that’s why it looks weird it’s not included. @kyleheney any thoughts on this ?
Thanks !

you can create your own Stripe or PayPal button:

Hi @Yemgui,

I just checked my Non-profit apps and see that I do have access to the Buy Button (once I connect my Stripe account to Glide).

One thing to know — the Buy Button is only available on Apps, not Pages (regardless of plan level).

If you’re building an App and still can’t see the Buy Button, you’re best to submit a Support ticket.



Thanks for your answer.

We’re using only pages at the moment, so that’s why I did not see the buy button.

I hope that the features will merge soon between pages and apps, I don’t really see the point of having an “pwa app” when a responsive page is working as expected on a mobile. Maybe I need to check apps to discover and appreciate the difference.

Thanks anyway for the solution!

16 sept. 2022 20:46:43 kyleheney via Glide Community - notifications at

Does this same concept work with Glide Pages? I’m realizing that Pages is somewhat limited in design compared to apps, but it’s too late to change my whole app now.

@Avery_Rawlek, my demo apps are made from Glide Apps, but the concept is based on Google Scripts, so it will work anywhere, Apps, Pages, websites, social media, and emails… all you need is a Google Sheet

Have you been able to figure out a way to do this using Subscriptions/Recurring payments?