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I am promoting the use of Glide on our town so we can build apps that serve the community rather than businesses, but it looks as if I have fallen at the first fence. I would like to use the Team subscription but I have only just spotted that users above 20 will be charged at $3/user .

So if an app was used for (say) as school, or club with (say) 520 active users…that will cost $1500/month $18,000 annually.

I think i have fallen in love with the wrong solution?


I think the Maker Plan would be a better fit for this use case. Unlimited personal users for $50 a month.

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I have a similar problem. I had a fully functional app for a volunteer organisation that is now completely broken after the recent changes to accounts at Glide.

My app was public but allowed users with a set username and password combination to sign in. Tab visibility was then controlled based on sign in status (we change username and password regularly).

Tabs were set up simply to display data from an airtable base. The whole app was read only.

Now that I have been moved to a “Legacy” team the signin page is no longer working. Anyone with a link to the app has access. The pages also changed so they could be edited by anyone (previously this was disabled) and the whole thing is a disaster that I can’t seem to fix!

I just don’t know where to turn or how to get help.

As we are a volunteer organisation we have a budget of $0. So I can’t sign up to a maker account. I feel like I’m letting all the other volunteers down because I said I could do this (and it was working) but now I can’t. I can’t even start fresh because Glide no longer supports links to airtable on their free version.

My advice to you would be - be very careful what you start with Glide. I have invested hours and hours of my time learning their system and setting my app up only to have it fail because they changed their billing system and free account capabilities.

But I wanted to recruit a team of glide developers building apps that serve the community. The Team fees are fine but the user restrictions kill the opportunity. I emailed sales a few days ago about my concern, but there has been no response…and now it looks as if I am not alone.

That’s not really what the team plan is for. It’s targeted at small to medium businesses rather than communities. The type of use case that you are describing is exactly what the Maker plan is for. You should take a closer look at it. Make sure you have a good understanding of the definition of personal users.


Again…thanks. Maker it is.


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This would warrant a separate topic to try to help you solve your issue. Glide did start offering new pricing plans, but the legacy plans remain unchanged for those that already had them. Normally, the new plans shouldn’t have had any bearing on your existing apps. I’m not saying it’s impossible. Is it possible that the issues you are having having nothing to do with the new plans? It’s been a week since you posted, did you manage to solve your issue since?