Why we use it if we will not able to monetize it?

Why we use glideapp if we can’t monetize it except affiliate link.

You can build apps for other people and charge for it.
You can solve your own business issues, and save time, thus making money.
Or you can no longer use Glide and find another tool that you like better!

You can monetize glide in so many ways. Time to get creative.

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You can find customers who need apps to run their business better or increase productivity or to automate work/process that is currently manual. 4 examples:

  1. Booking apps for Salons, Dog Groomers, Restaurants, etc. You would have to have a way to reach out and advertise your business and make a few demo apps.

  2. In a company, perhaps their returns or shipping logs are manual, you could automate.

  3. E-commerce app to sell merchandise.

  4. Community apps for groups like Schools, Sports Teams, Clubs, etc.

I have looked at every platform and I don’t think you’ll find one that is as awesome as Glide - just my opinion based on a lot of research and actual use of other platforms. Hope this helps, and Good luck!

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I am trying to figure out how to monetize my glide app. I created an app for the community with information somewhat like a guide that includes listing of retailers & business by categories for public to contact. I cannot charge the public since it will deter them to use the app. Similarly I will not charge the retailer & businesses for listing. My charge is to the retailer and businesses if they want to take their businesses to the next level where public can make orders etc. If not their contact will merely be tel no, address and map. How will glide charge me? Currently I am basic account

Make the business owners pay to use your app, you can either make them pay via a buy button inside Glide, or PayPal, then check a checkbox that mark them as paid and set corresponding visibility conditions.

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My cost?

The cost to pay Glide for a pro app that would hold enough data and work at a fast enough pace to get businesses into your app, I guess.

Hi @CHIRPPLUS, have you had a look at the pricing page?

(It seems like your cost would be $12 or $32 monthly depending on your needs. EDIT: Depending whether the app is public or private, and paid monthly or yearly, further pricing options are available.)

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I did. Just a bit confused on the per user understanding. Anyway George from support had explained. Tq guys.

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Good to hear that @George_B was able to help you.

Just so that information is public and can serve other members of the community, here is my understanding of how to upgrade an app:

  • Here is the pricing page.
  • Step 1: When deciding to upgrade to a paid plan, decide if you want a business plan (multiple apps to be built within an organization) or a paid plan applied to an stand-alone individual app (you can be an individual or business building the app, but the plan does apply to one unique stand-alone app). For business plans, contact a Glide representative. For stand-alone individual apps, you can upgrade in the Glide editor directly.
  • Step 2: If upgrading an individual app in the Glide editor, choose either a “basic plan” or a “pro plan”. These diverge in limits and features.
  • Step 3: Decide if your app will be public (accessible to everyone) or private (accessible via password or limited to a list of emails, minimum 20 users). If public: per app pricing. If private: per user pricing.
  • Step 4: Decide if you want to pay per month or per year.

Could you please confirm or add details to above?

Correct. I was confused earlier because my app is for public as well as internal usage. Example is real estate. Listing for public access aka more like a webpage & internal for use by agent to manage lead n listing.

Interesting example. What set up are you then going to opt for?

I would start with basic plan and upgrade in due times.

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