Paid clients


Has anyone actually created an app for a ‘paying’ client?

If so what were you ask to build?
What has been feedback from client?
Care to share link?


I can’t share details but I’ve heard from many people building paid Glide apps for clients.

The average mobile app costs over $150k to build, so there’s a huge opportunity here if you can find a client for whom Glide is a good fit!

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Thanks David, super excited about the potential here. Can’t wait to see your roadmap to understand what is potentially going to be possible. I have a big idea at early stages, be great if we could have an agency plan so I sell apps and white label them when doing a demo - before the customer signs up as a full paying slide customer. Keep up the good work you and the team, gonna be amazing.

I also plan to build paid apps using Glide. At least we will ship the MVPs much faster from here and if the feature is packed enough we can continue on this platform.

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Nice one :point_up: