Freelancing and Monetising Glide skills

I was curious on the ways of how we can monetise the skills we have in glide, specifically building apps for other people, and wanted to know more details on how to do it.

Let’s assume I have a client that would want to have an app built for them. What would be the best way to share the app with them, and what sort of pricing scheme would you recommend considering we do have to pay a monthly subscription fee for our account.

Should I host the app on my account and charge a fixed fee for building the app, then a recurring cost (annually?) for them to use the app? Or should I instead build the app and transfer it to their team where they would pay to publish their app?

I know there are other ways of making money using Glide, such as:

  • Selling Templates
  • Becoming an Affiliate
  • Selling items/services using the app
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If you’re building an App for a specific client, then I would say the general rule is that you should have the client purchase a Glide subscription up front, and then build the App in their account. This gets the client locked in early, minimises any risk for you, and is generally much cleaner.

An exception to the above might be if you wanted to build an App yourself and then offer it to multiple clients as some sort of SaaS service.

It’s fairly common practice for Experts/Agencies to charge a one time build fee, and then offer an ongoing maintenance agreement.