Are there good example of Profitable Glide Projects?


I am new here, so sorry for the basic questions … need some inspiration :slight_smile:
Are there some good examples of profitable Glide apps?
Are there specialized Glide agencies?

thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community!

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Glide has a directory of certified experts (specialised agencies). Contact a certified expert for more information. Some you will find on this forum helping others out like Robert, Lisa and others.


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Hi @Wiz.Wazeer thanks. Do not need an expert for now. But looking for Real-life glide app. I know that some of them are in the glide website under customer stories.
Just for inspiration. I am already a low code aficionado. I sold some PHP app for some of my client and they are a nightmare to maintain.

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What kind of real life app do you have on mind? Is it a community your trying to help out or a society? Some of the Covid 19 apps fall into the real-life category. They are available in the template store.

A nightmare due to a PHP app?

I like to read this kind of stories to learn a little more and compare solutions. Would you mind to share your nightmares with us?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi @gvalero,

here my nightmares :

  • when you hire someone to dev something for a customer and you realize at the end that code is way to complex for a simple business case (light ticket management system)
  • when you realize that the documentation is light very light :slight_smile:
  • the infrastructure behind those apps are also too heavy in maintenance for the price we dev them (dedicated server or customer server), off course the customer pay for the maintenance but it’s still a boring task for us
  • when the server of the clients is hacked (this another story) :smiley:
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Technically speaking I am looking for app which use API’s from the external world
Business speaking I am looking for monetized apps examples.
I am building something using social media APIs, and another one using open data (flat csv and API). Due to the low amount of row, we can use in the sheets or the number of cells I am wondering if it’s pertinent to start those projects…

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The community meetup this coming Thursday (July 2) might be of interest to you if you want to hear more about Glide & APIs.


Thanks for your reply!

May you show one of your light ticket management systems to take a look?

I like this kind of application, control/monitor machines and/or work with real-time data is my specialization for years and I always try to simplify the UI and frontend to handle the generated data.

Gracias @Imad

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in my case,,,, and a lot more!