White Label Project Management like Trello using Glide

Created a comprehensive tool to manage projects. Something that can potentially replace tools like Trello or Asana for organisations who want more customized solutions. With the new fullscreen option in Glide, it makes the user experience even better.
Users can create Projects add a project head and add team members in the project.
Then the Project Admin can create multiple Milestones in each project. A milestone is like a level which has to be completed in order to move to the next level.
Each milestone can then have multiple tasks having their individual deadlines which can be assigned to any member who is a part of the project.
Only when all tasks are complete, a milestone gets completed. And only when all milestones are complete, a project can be completed.
Along with this users can add comments and media files to keep track of all the progress.
Also there are 3 levels of authority. 1) Admin level, 2) Project head level and 3) Project member level. All of whom have different levels of authority in each project.
The complete progress of each project/milestone/task can be seen in a glance.
All of this along with WhatsApp notifications and reminders!
Give it a try and share feedback!

App Link: projectmanagement.glideapp.io


I loved full screen! interesting application. I’ll keep testing it :+1: :+1:

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@ Manan_Mehta If possible, could you tell me how do you get me to send the whatsaap? Thanks, I keep testing it.

Hey @Tuttografica
I have another thread where I have shed some more light on the WhatsApp integration.

Check this out: WhatsApp notifications

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Wow, you are a super user.
Your projects are very useful


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