New Personal Tasks Template ✍️

A new personal tasks template.

This is probably one of those templates I’m going to do a long-tutorial on. Any requests, advice or extra feature suggestions welcome.

I’m going to create a more advanced one at some point where you can assign tasks to different members and sort by task owner.


Funny this template is replica of an app that I have for release for my business. Who do I speak to about this. Everything down to the functionality and the categories are the same. Then youre going to teach how to rebuild something Im trying to make money off of! Interesting.

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Funny. I’m working on this very same concept in an app I’m writing. Looking forward to seeing what comes.

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Awesome! I am dealing with a projects management App that has a lot in common with yours :cool:
In terms of requests / advice / extra feature suggestions, we could think of :

  • A visual priority management (like what chrishoward did in its My Bullet Journal app)

  • A flowchart-based picture to show the task status, so we can see the past steps and the steps remaining ( though it requires to create our own pictures and store it online, and to put the “status” modification possibility in the modification button on top right of the screen

  • A collaborative set of options (possibility to assign a taks to one person or more, the comments component for each task and each project, etc.)

  • A Calendar view of the tasks with a color code to specify the project concerned. And if used with a “Public with email” sign in policy, this Calendar view could be filtered by signed in user in order to only show the user’s tasks and deadlines!

I must admit that I have a “project management” App orientation (more than a personal todolist one) :slight_smile:

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Lol. It’s like a little test app I dev’ed called Lists (which I then incorporated into my bullet journal app). Nothing new under the sun, eh?

Edit: Here’s some screenshots. Very similar in structure and method.

(I’d been thinking of doing the list in lists in lists in lists too :smiley: )


Awesome, thanks everyone. Yea - this is obviously a common thing that people are doing with Glide so I thought it was about time we offered it as a template. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

@chrishoward - looks great :+1:t4:
@Clement - good suggestions, not all possible at the moment obviously. I think I might add comments - was on the fence about it. I figured that this was a ‘personal tasks’ app - and so people might not need to comment with themselves :wink: However - I actually do this often in Todoist - i’ll write comments for myself in the future, so maybe it is a good idea!

In the future one I’ll definitely make use of the template and IfThenElse column to add emoji badges for status. And a calendar would be good for sure.


This will be SUPER valuable as soon as we get Glide notifications!


I think once you get down to Task level, you also need a Priority column. (In mine, priority is the standard high, medium, low, and when displaying, I convert it to the :red_circle::large_blue_circle::white_circle: emojis.) Obviously date also indicates priority, but it’s not always enough. Something that requires more work may have higher priority despite a later due date. Or things due on the same date might then have differing priorities.


@JackVaughan yes, please do!

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But make it for a group, @JackVaughan

@erwblo Absolutely