WhatsApp notifications

As promised, I am sharing the video of how I have automated WhatsApp notifications from my apps.
Firstly to make it simple I created a simple app to showcase the automation.

For the automated messages I found this tool called Message Auto Sender
It has a predefined API URL which, when called, sends WhatsApp messages automatically from the business number which is used to login on the tool. It automates the browser and not WhatsApp itself and has some guidelines about how to use it. (Not sure if it will work in every country)

The app captures data on the google sheets where a google scripts processes the data and creates a URL to match the required API. I have explained how I have done it in the video.

The script is attached here if somebody needs to copy it.
Test the notifications on this app: https://whatsapp.glideapp.io/

Try the tool from this link and get a demo version for 3 days: Link

Using the same concepts, I have created many apps which send WhatsApp notifications and reminders on order creation, new entries, status updates, task assignments, reminders for deadlines etc.
My apps:
Service Requests
Task Assignment
Project Management
Grocery Store

In case anybody needs more help from me professionally for any integration, you can submit your requests on the app above and I will get in touch with you.
Also, DM me if you are planning to buy the service, I could arrange a discount.

Disclaimer: Bulk messaging from WhatsApp can lead to blocking of number on WhatsApp


Thank you for the tutorial Manan, very detailed!

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Manan, this is very cool.
Have you tested the limits in terms of volume for WA messages?
If I was sending 300 messeges per day, would that be too much?

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I have apps which are sending close to 500 messages a day at times. Though these are internal messages and the receivers have my contact number saved in their phones.

This is awesome Manan!

I’m going to book mark this so that in the future I can use this.

Can you also share the script? I think you have shared only the link which needs to be created for the Message Auto Sender tool but the actual google script isn’t shared.

Thanks in advance!

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It is there in the post. Here you go:

Hi…I tried to test it using your scrip & created the account in the tool…but I am not getting the message on the Whatsapp app number…
Am I missing anything here ?..
Do I need to do something in the tool to receive Whatsapp message

Did you change the account details in the first line of the script?

var data1 = 'https://app.messageautosender.com/message/new?username=<insert here>&password=<insert here>&receiverMobileNo='

Yes…have created as per the script

Did you login with whatsapp web on Message auto sender?

That I didn’t do that

How to do it?..is there an option to login to Whatsapp web in the tool

Once you login on the tool, you will have a tab called as phone status from where you will have to login via whatsapp web

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In phone status I am getting thr option to click view status … if I click on view status a QR code will be shown… from where I need to login to Whatsapp web

Working fine…thank you very much

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Sheer fantastic! Thank you! Really helpful! :grinning:

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After this tutorial, there were a lot of people who were interested with the automation Scripts and hence I have updated my app which now includes the list of all the scripts along with the prices which can be used to automate notifications. I have also included the apps I have built on Glide which make use of these scripts.

These scripts can be used for sending notifications on any platform (Email, Text, Whatsapp or anything else with an API)

Check out the app once again and get in touch with me if you want to implement any of it.


Cool stuff!

:joy: I thought it was free…BUT big hint…mark mentioning iOs store yesterday spoke volumes. Great work Mannan as always!

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Hi, I’m trying to rebuild this. Currently with the demo version. When trying to connect the phone to the messageautosender, this message is displayed: Will retry again… I need to download WhatsApp Business and then scan the QR code under Web/Desktop or? Is it possible that this does not work in Switzerland?
Thanks for your answer.