Scheduled notification in Whatsapp or any other platform

Continuing the discussion from WhatsApp notifications:

I need to do an app to remind people when they have to return a product. Let’s say If I buy the product today and I have to return it in one month, I would have to received three scheduled Whatsapp notifications saying:

“You have 15 days left” at day 15th
“You have 10 days left” at day 20th
“You have to return the product today” at day 30th

Could someone help me to do this? It would be so helpful.

I have just tried the whatsapp notification after a form is filled and it works fine. But I need to be scheduled and make three notificions out of one form filled.

Thank you!

Then it would have to be triggered based on Sheet rows. You would have an arrayformula column to count the days passed, then trigger either the Zap or the Integromat scenario to look at all rows in that Sheet and send the notifiications based on the dates.

For Integromat, it would be 3 routers, let’s say if “Days passed = 15” then send message “You have 15 days left” etc.


Everything you said is exactly how I do it too. I just use Apps Scripts instead of Integromat to trigger the API