Regarding Sales app

We are building a sales app and have following topics to understand:

  1. How to integrate follow-up reminders notifications in app.

  2. Is there a web interface of sheet which is accessible to users for bulk entries.

  3. We see phone and text option, is there an option to add whatsapp as well.

  1. Currently Glide does not have push notifications but there are plenty of workarounds for that in the forums. One of the options is shown in link below.
  2. No but you could always create a separate sheet for users to bulk add and use importrange to import the data in your app sheet.
  3. You can use a button (or a link component) and link it to whatsapp business API to have a WhatsApp option.

For WhatsApp notifications check out: Notifications

Thanks for the reply Manan.

Considering Point Number 3, we are looking is to create url like and integrate it button.

When user enter their phone number, whatsapp link should be generated automatically

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This should be doable using a concat function in Google Sheets or by using the Template feature in Glide.

Thanks Amit. It worked.

Is there a way to create current date column?

Hi Adviuz,

If you are setting up your app to let people input their number in a form, then catch the current date in that form as well using this.


Let me explain the process

  1. User visit our website and fill the enquiry form
  2. His details captured in google sheet
  3. There is a column lead create data in google sheet for lead created date is not captured from enquiry form so we are not able to see lead create date.

Goal is to create lead data from fresh leads

  1. When Sales rep using glide app is creating a lead, then we can use above option to send lead create data in sheet.

Are you using the Current Date Special Value from @ThinhDinh’s screenshot? You can write the current date to the lead date column in your sheet.

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You’ve to create the date timestamp in Zapier.


Thx problem solved

We use template features with as fixed and then place phone number.

Now problem we are facing is some client are submitting phone as 91 9876541230, some submiting as 987456320 ( without 91), we need to create a column to have clean 10 digit numer and then we use

Please advice how to do it. Goal is to have 10 digit number with no space in between.

Use the Hint/Placeholder to indicate what format you expect the phone number in.

Also use Phone Number Entry input field.

Considering Point -1 About notification

Our Goal is to remind sales person about the follow-up date and time. Kindly suggest the best way to do it.

We tried connecting it with Google Calendar via zapier and it worked but problem is only added is add to add event in calendar not the sale representatives as only admin account is connect as google calendar account in zapier

Hint is used but when website visitor filled enquiry form they generally see their number and email in suggestion so rather typing most of people select the suggest due to which number doesn’t come in fix format.

Example Format

9198765 43210

You can use formatter in Zapier.

It worked well. Thanks

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Considering Point -1 About notification

Our Goal is to remind sales person about the follow-up date and time. Kindly suggest the best way to do it.

Try with Twilio / SMS

In the concat option, you could add a formula where you add number. Formula could be
This will ensure only last 10 digits are taken in consideration

For doing this, I have created a column which defines when exactly do I want to send a reminder. This column automatically becomes “Send” in the hour when the reminder is to be sent. In my case I have to send a reminder 24 hours before the deadline. The formula I s=use to generate that is in the picture.
Then I use google apps script to send a notification when the column has “Send” in it and I have used an hourly trigger so that only 1 notification is sent in that specific hour. As the hour changes, the “Send” will change to “No” and the script wouldnt return any value.
To send notifications you could use mail, text message or whatsapp along with the scripts.
Sorry for the late response.