Upload contact from phone to to glide / Google sheets 📲

Hello everyone,

Looking for a way to upload contacts from phone book to a multi users app.
So each person will see only his contacts.

The goal is to skip a form which need to copy paste name and phone number

Any ideas?

Hey !

So you mean that the data is already available, is that correct ?

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I mean that I want to upload a contact from phone to the app without the need of copy paste name and number

After this is done I will have phone book in the app which I want to send to all contacts messages via WhatsApp


I do not believe we can upload phone contacts to a Glide App… yet.

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I’ve managed to incorporate WhatsApp messaging following this guide.

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Maybe some 3rd party?

Perhaps there is some Integromat magic you could do where you import a phone record csv to GSheet. :man_shrugging:

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Ok, thanks for the help

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