Glide -> Google Sheet -> Google Contacts

Hi Guys,

I have an app that is based on a google sheet, where I have about 700 contacts, and I also created these contacts in google contacts
I would like to add the contact in the glide, and it automatically adds that contact in the googlesheet and at the same time in the google contacts.

It’s possible?

Thank you all.

Assuming you mean when you add a contact in Glide, through a form, you would want it to be automatically added to the Google Sheet and Google Contacts, here’s how you can do it through Make (formerly Integromat):

  • Use the form to submit the contact as a new row in the connected Google Sheet.
  • In Make, create a scenario with the first module being “Custom Webhook”. Copy that webhook URL.
  • In the on-submit action of the form, use a “Trigger Webhook” module, create a new webhook, name it and paste the URL above.
  • Define the required variables to be sent to the webhook.
  • In Make, create a new Google Contacts module after the “Custom Webhook” module and configure it to add a new contact, with the values you have passed through.