Data from Glide database to google sheet synced

I want data from Glide Database to be dumped in my google sheet as any new data is inserted in my table with specific condition. please can any one guide for it?

You need a paid plan for that.

After it is dumped to Google Sheets, would there still be a connection? Say if I edit the row in Glide, does it sync to that same row in Sheets?

Not in that way, but whenever new data row is added in database with specific role that row should be added to Sheets.

I would do it like this, assuming you don’t want to connect to the Google Sheet for row count purpose.

  • Create a account, add a new scenario and insert a webhook module.

  • Go to Glide, in your form (assuming you use a form to add data), add an on-submit action, with the condition being “Role is X” (X being the value you want to trigger the action to add to Sheets).

  • Add a Trigger Webhook action, copy the webhook URL from Make over, and add all values you need from the newly created row to that webhook.

  • Go back to Make, click this button and run a test from Glide that would trigger it.


  • Once the structure is defined in Make, add a Google Sheets module to Add a row, connect your account, choose the right Sheet and configure fields as needed.
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