Add Message Body to Button for "Send Text Message" Action

When selecting the action “Send a text message”, there is no message body field that opens up, whereas when you add a phone link and allow for messages, a message body field can be selected. It would be great that anywhere a text message action exists, the same fields (phone number and message body) could be selected.

Just bumping this as I’ve encountered another instance where this would be really helpful. A button action to send a text message with configurable body message would be much appreciated.

Check out this thread. I think there is a way. You just need to build out the link yourself.

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Thanks! I need to send to multiple #s at once, so I’ll see if I can use that instruction to come up with a way to send to multiple numbers with one button click.

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In case anyone else was looking for this, solved with a workaround here:


Thanks for the hack. How would I auto trigger glide to send an SMS to a user who has just provided a mobile number upon registration?
Equally, would it be possible to send an auto confirmation email from glide to user provided email address. Thanks

Not sure if either of those are possible without using another service like Zapier in conjunction with your Glide app.

Thanks for the quick reply. How can I add a WhatsApp button to send messages?

@Aj2666 Take a look at the thread that @shchc sharedj above. This is a quote from that thread that shows how to set up the link for WhatApp.


Thanks, truly appreciated

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You can do that using something like that (the same is probably possible with gsheets):