In-app chat

Hi! Does Glide currently support in-app chat so that users can have 1:1 conversations with each other or with our business team?

There are two types of chat in glide. You can add the chat tab, which is a global chat for everyone in the app. Then there is a chat component that can be added to a detail style layout. Chat components in the detail layout need to be linked to a unique value within your sheet. As long as a user can see details for a particular row, they will see the chat component for that row item. If they don’t have access to a record, then they will not see the record or the associated chat component. There isn’t a true one-on-one chat between only two users (like SMS), but if you structure your app so only those two users can see particular details for a row, then it would be private.

Got it, thank you!

is this only a pro feature?

@raxxie No, this is available to anyone.

How to make Buyers and Sellers chat before they deal for a transaction?

I want Buyers who enter through the order form on the booking button that goes to my sheet to be automatically copied to the Seller email, how can I do that?

After that I will automatically send Billing via Whatsapp or email to the Seller to take commission?

Use a Google Sheet Add-On such as Autocrat. Whenever a new record gets generated via Glide Form Button, Autocrat will automatically create an email / attached invoice using the columns as mail merge data. You can specify the recipients of the email and include instructions for next steps.

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I am not seeing the " Chat components in the detail layout" that was mentioned

I probably meant the comments component.