Integration with WhatsApp or Telegram

Hello. I am looking for an appscript or a free integration to connect my glideapp or googlesheet with Whatsapp/Telegram. I have set up a form on glideapps, which has the option of inputting numbers. I want an appscript through which my confirmation message will be sent to my user’s number through Telegram or WhatsApp. @ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy @SantiagoPerez Please help kings!

You can use Integromat for that, they have a module for telegram, as for whatsap you can use twilio, or as script if I’m not wrong


I use appscript for unlimited emails which is connected to my google sheet. I was hoping if I could find a similar appscript for telegram or whatsapp. Integromat is paid service :frowning:

@Hassan_Nadeem I’ve used this method before with success.

FYI It uses app script which as you know is free but you also need “message auto sender” which costs a bit of money.