Automated Reminder

I have created a form to schedule reminder topics as per below.

Is there any way I can automated a text, push notfication or a Whatsapp reminder at the scheduled time to be sent to a user specific mobile number?

Time-based actions might come to Glide some time later this year, but at the moment a workaround is to:

  • Write that row to a Google Sheet
  • Create an arrayformula column to calculate the “reminder date” (e.g: submitted day + 7)
  • Trigger a flow in Make everyday, check if there are any “reminder date” that matches today
  • Send a text message using a platform like Twilio

When push notifications/Twilio become a thing in Glide, plus time-based actions, I imagine you can do the steps above natively just inside the platform.

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Struggling to write the rows to Google keeps pulling in standard text. I also don’t know how to write an array formula. Can you help?

Can you specify what does “standard text” in this case mean? Does it look something like “0001-01-01T00:00:00.000Z”?

did you mean trigger a flow from integromat can check the reminder date daily ?
even we didnt open glide app ?

Yes. If you are using Google Sheets as a Data Source, it could be done exactly as @ThinhDinh described.

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