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I need an email to be automatically sent to a user when a particular date is reached. How can I achieve it?

thank you!

Google scripts… with time trigger.

i’m using glide database…

Time-based actions might come to Glide later this year. At the moment, the only way you can access data in a Glide Table through the API is with a Business/Enterprise plan.

I’ve just worked out a way to do it via Zapier… probably not the easiest way but it did the job.

Just tested it out and sent an email to myself today. I plan to use this to send reminder emails to App users. Will tweak to add some complexity, but this is the process in basic terms.


1) Trigger - Schedule by Zapier

  • Unfortunately you have to set it up for a regular occurence but you can apply a filter so it only applies on one particular day.
  • I selected EveryDay and set Time of Day to the time I wanted (in my case 10.30pm)

2) Trigger - Filter by Zapier

  • I selected Only Continue if 1. Pretty Date Date/Time (Equals) and I set today’s date in the format 17/03/2023
  • This was so that it only emails me on that specific date (today).

3) Trigger - in my case Send Email in MS Outlook (but this could be anything)

  • Set up as usual/desired and then publish

I waited and then received the email some 15 mins later at the desired time of 10.30pm.

Found this article helpful in setting up the filter:

Might only be possible if you store your data in Google Sheets. You can’t do the same flow with a Glide Tables setup, unless you have a Business/Enterprise plan.

Yeah OP could always copy the data over to a Google Sheet and go from there… not ideal but still gets the job done.

We do this by using Pull in data through Glide API, add some date filters and then send a transactional email via Mailersend (which we use to send all our transactional emails at the moment.


I assume that first module is a query table module?


Ya if you have business level or above (upgrade here: Glide • Pricing) you can use the Query Table API as @joeyceunen references. Works fairly well.

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Thank you all very much! I will try with the solutions that have been proposed to me.
Best regards!

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