Send notifications to users

I want to send notifications to users when something is due, ie on a date or based on a date-based condition.


  • Your car is due for a service on [date] (sent on due date minus 7 days)
  • Your insurance is due for renewal on [date] (send on date minums 14 days)

Help needed:

  1. What options do I have for sending notifications from Glide? I’d prefer not to use a third-party tool like Zapier unless necessary.
  2. What is the trigger logic for sending notification?

What I mean is, if xyz is due on date, and I want to send notification on date relative to due date, then how would it work?


  1. Store due date
  2. Store notification period, e.g. 7 days
  3. If today = due date minus notification period, then send notification

If that is correct, what is the best way to create the action in Glide?

Thank you!

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Glide does not have automations. Currently all actions need to be executed by a user action. You will need to use a third party integration to accomplish something like this.

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bummer :slight_smile:

So if I use Make as an example, how would I create a trigger to send the email?

Or could I try Glide’s push notifications feature (that seems to have a lot disclaimers about it not really working reliably)?

You can’t use external tools to trigger actions internally in glide, so push notifications are out.

I don’t typically use any external tools other than a couple of google scripts to archive and backup my data, so I don’t have any good advice off the top of my head. Essentially you would want something like a Make workflow that is on a schedule, reads the data in your tables using the Glide API, iterates through the data and looks for anything that requires a notification, and finally sends an email or sms message. There are several posts regarding Make workflows, but hopefully someone else can chime in with more detailed information.

I’m currently trying to set up something similar (although still having a few issues with the glide automations).

The approach I am going for is:

  • Have a date field that is set when certain notifications are needed (I can do this with a if/then field in my app)
  • Have an additional date field for when a notification was sent
  • Have a autmation running a couple of time a day that pulls users, cycles through them for when the notification sent date is earlier than the notice needed date
  • Automation then sends email through gmail
  • Automation then updates the sent date
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If I recall right, you can’t access computed columns via the API.

aaah… that might explain why I am having so much problem figuring out the correct column (see other thread about column names). That could make this interesting.

Computed columns are mostly computed on users’ devices, so when you poll the API, they only have your basic columns. You would have to find a way to re-calculate that using Make, or have a different strategy to write your computed value to a basic column in a flow.

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What is the best way to send date-based notifications?

Time-based actions are in staging, so I would advise you to wait for several weeks to see if it makes its way to production.

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Oh excellent. That is actually what I need.

Any update on time-baed actions?

No ETA, but David has mentioned it recently in the forum.

Not reliable at all. I have 3 apps where notifications are implemented, only works in one of those.

Do you mean push notifications aren’t reliable? Or some other method?

Basically I want to find the method that works! in lieu of time-based actions being in prod. My guess was this is a common feature and someone would have found a way prior to me trying :smile:

Any ideas anyone?

Oh I see, so instead of dates and logic being in Glide, you’d need an initial “reference” date and then you’d sent that to Make and Make would do the logic for you, because Glide can’t send that info from calculated columns.

Have I got that correct?

I meant push notifications. I’m deploying email notifications using the “Send emails” integration but I’m getting to another roadblock. Glide just lacks a simple SMTP integration,

That’s correct.

Right, so you have a time-based trigger to send an email?

My go to solution is a combination of Apps Script, the Glide API and Make.
I use this even if the App in question isn’t attached to any Google Sheets.
It works like this:

  • I create an empty Google Spreadsheet
  • I write some code to sync the tables that contain the data that I need on a regular basis via the API
  • I write some more code to parse the data and generate the email notifications
  • I bundle the notifications up and send them to Make via a webhook
  • I use Make to send the notifications via email with the Make Gmail module

It’s a bit convoluted, but I’ve used the same approach in several Apps, and it is rock solid.