Send notifications to users

Sorry, no. Action based.

Anything solid sounds good to me :slight_smile:
Crazy that this isn’t a Glide feature just yet.

If you’re willing to share any more info I’m willing to give it a go.
Thanks Darren

Not sure what else I can share without sharing actual code, which I can’t really do, and wouldn’t be of much use to you anyway. What I outlined is the general approach. The actual mechanics of it will vary with every specific use case, and there may be use cases where my approach doesn’t make sense, or can’t be applied.

Obviously you need a plan that has access to the Glide API, and preferably Business or better so that you can do filtered queries on Big Tables (if they are being used). You need to be comfortable with the API, you need to be semi-proficient with Apps Script, and you need to be comfortable with Make.


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