Action trigger and Push notifications when a date arrive❗


I m working on a application and on part of it is for holiday management
So basically what I m trying to do is to receive a notification when the date arrive

Driver name. Start date Status
Mihai Toma 27.10.2023. Holiday

So when the Start date is today I need to receive a notification and to set column value to status Holiday to not have this driver on Active so I can have a better overview of my employees

If is any solution also I try with integromat but I don’t know how to do it.

Thanks a lot🙏🏻

Glide does not support time-based actions or triggers. If you have a Pro plan or better, you could do something with the Glide API and Make/Zapier.

BUT… if the only reason for the notification is so that you can log into the App and change the drivers status, why not just change the effective status automatically based on the current date?

It would be trivial with an if-then-else column.

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This doesn’t exist at the moment, but would be great.

Alternative hack: if you are using Airtable as a source you can use Airtable automation to trigger a post request to glide.

Ok that was working I just made it I didn’t think about this :sweat_smile:
I m still new in this I will let a photo in case someone need it
Regarding notification it should be an alternative
I have pro version but glide API is just for Buissines

Unfortunately all my data is on google sheet and to move now all sound complicate for me.

The way you have that setup, when it gets to the day after the first day of their Holiday, it will return whatever is in your Status column. I’m not sure if that is what you are intending?

I would do it like this:

  • If First Day Holiday is after Today, then Active
  • If Last Day Holiday is before Today, then Active
  • Else Holiday

I didn’t t do it like this because I have 4 status of the drivers

You have a better way for this?

So would the rule be that if they are not on Holiday, then you want to use whatever is in the Status column?

Yes exactly

Okay, then the following will work:

  • If First Day Holiday is after Today, then Status
  • If Last Day Holiday is before Today, then Status
  • Else Holiday
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Great Thank you :pray:

Any solution for the notification?

What plan are you on at the moment? If you’re on Business/Enterprise, you can query the table at the same time everyday to check for rows that match your condition, and trigger emails as needed.

I have Pro version fro the moment

Then I don’t think there’s a way to do time-based triggers like you want. Glide mentioned at the start of 2023 that something like that might be a built-in feature in the future, but there’s no further news thus far.

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