Push notification based on automatic table changes


Anyone know what the timeline is for the feature to send push notifications based on changes in data? For example, I’d like to send a reminder notification when a column with time remaining passes a threshold. Would like to do this without any user actions, so simply based on the time difference calculation

See on the push notification blog post that this is in development — wondering if there are any updates. Workarounds for this would be helpful as well!

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No ETA. Time-based actions were talked about as something they hope will become available in later months of 2023, but we haven’t heard much since then.


Are there any threads or advise in this community on the best way to deal with such notifications?

On a business plan, we could read the full table via API & probably send such a notification outside of Glide. Would you think anything is possible on the smaller plans ?

You mean notifications that aren’t triggered by actions, yes?

Regardless of which plan you are on, the only way to do this at the moment is by using something external to Glide. Either Make, Google Sheets, Airtable, or similar. To be clear, none of this applies to Push Notifications. As far as I’m aware, the only way to trigger a Push Notification is with an action. There is no other way.


Yes notifications not triggered by actions… rather triggered by data change.
So lets say in a subscription app, the month is over, need a notificatoion to remind admin / user to re subscribe.

I am aware that this is not possible in Glide currently. But what is the advice on how to do this outside Glide?
Not all plans have a read all API (if I am not wrong). how is make going to read the data from Glide? should I in this case only use Google Sheets?

Just using your example, what you could do is store a working copy of your Subscriptions in a Make Data Store, then run a scheduled scenario to check for expired/expiring subscriptions.

Would be a bit of work to setup, and you would need to ensure that any subscription changes made in the App are properly synced with Make.

This is not something that I’ve done personally, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

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I’m not a big fan of storing the data in multiple places unless its necessary.
If I’m going to use the Make Data Store, might as well look into creating a make custom app.

Might go with an admin manually triggered action notification from a tab showing subscriptions to be expired soon. probably the fastest, easiest & cheapest solution

Yes, I agree that it’s not an ideal solution, and it’s only one I would use if I really had no other option.

I’m sure that Glide will give us scheduled actions eventually, it’s just a matter or when…

It would be great to enable this feature. Now when the builder is so advance we starting to implement APIs and other kind of data that could have a perfect UX if push became automatic when an update is made in the database!

What du u think: @Robert_Petitto ?

I think it’s a great idea — but since I don’t work for Glide I have no control over if or when this might happen. However, there have been rumblings that we might have more options regarding the triggering of actions within the next few months.


But I think u have a great influence there :wink: Who can we tag to get an answer?