Way to trigger alerts (automatic email) when data reaches a certain treshhold?

I have a connected car integration that is pushing the location of my cars to my app every hour.
I want to set an email alert that when:

  • my cars fuel tank/tire pressure is below a certain treshhold
  • my cars location is farther than x away from a set location

  • In case this treshhold is reached the app should send an email.

Is this something that can be done in Glide natively?
I can imagine a workaround in Airtable but what is the leanest way to set this up?

Many thanks for your advice!

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No way to do this natively in Glide at the moment, because all actions require a user to “do something” to trigger them.

But I’d say watch this space, as I can imagine this sort of functionality might be just around the corner.

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Hola Tim,

On last Friday creating a new demo I had the same thought :face_with_head_bandage:

The current problem in Glide is that the APP/Page must be loaded and running to send data or fire actions. We have to wait a little longer for Glide to get a native solution and let Glide servers (not APPs) send data to external users/apps.


Are you using Google Sheets as the back end or Glide Tables?

Thanks for your feedback @gvalero & @Darren_Murphy

I guess I’ll have to wait for the native functionality, in the mean time I think I’ll recreate this with Airtable as a back-end.

@Sumer_Bhadra9 I’m using Glide Tables atm.

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I think you can do it with google sheets or airtable, depend of what function u need, i know with zapier you can do a lot of things, i’m looking for a solution too, no time to do it right now, but i gonna build something similar in the future, it’s about expiration date, like send an email to customer 3 month before the contract gonna expire (no trigger action).

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The equivalent solution in Make would be to trigger a scenario to run every day, and have a column in your Google Sheets to calculate the “reminder date” (3 months from the actual expiration date). If “today” is the same as “reminder date” then you trigger the email module.

You should also make sure the dates are formatted in the same way, especially the “today” value, with the formatDate function.

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