Deadline Notification

Hello, I am looking for a solution to have a notification when a specific date has passed. Can you help me

Which Glide Plan do you have, and how do you want the notification delivered?

Depending on your preferred delivery method, and the plan you have, there may be various options available.

I have the legacy pro plan on glide.
I would like to have a notification when a date has passed a specific duration

Where do you store your data?

If you’re storing it in Glide Tables, there might not be a way as Glide hasn’t released time-based triggers and you don’t have access to the Query API.

If you’re storing it in Google Sheets or Airtable, there may be a way to leverage or Zapier to browse through all rows and send notifications for dates that have passed and have a date difference between 0 and 1.

Is this possible with big Table? And how to transfer data from glide table to Airtable?

You would still need the Query API to get the table’s data, regardless of whether it’s a normal table or a big table on Legacy pro.

I assume you want to utilize Airtable’s automation tool. You have to export your data from Glide and import it to Airtable, then connect that Airtable base to your app and rebuild all computed columns, plus the front end to connect to the new Airtable base.

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