Is Airtable with Glide fast and optimized?

I am seriously wondering about changing from Glide data base to a solution like Airtable that would allow me to do automatic actions according to dates etc. something that is currently not possible with Glide, my question is as follows. Is anyone currently using Airtable for an application if so, is it fast (loading etc) and optimized? Or do we still feel a difference compared to Glide table?

I’m not sure if they have improved it or not, but the syncing time between Airtable and Glide is one of the biggest problems discussed in this forum.

Ok i saw they work on new api, i must wait for that new api and after that i would switch on air tablem thanks for informations


May you give us some examples about this restriction?

With Glide Table, you can create automation only with a trigger action and not with a condition. Per exemple, if the contract will be expire in 3 months, we can’t send an automation email to the client without click in a trigger button.

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It’s a long workaround, but you can send the relevant data to a data store in Make and have the automation run on schedule there. The tricky part, I think, is if you make any changes after the initial add then you must sync that with the Make data store as well.