Dates and sending emails

I am trying to create an application using glide and zapier. I want the app to send an email as a reminder 90 days before their next yearly physical is due.

So I currently have the date their current physical is completed and a math column to calculate what date is 275 days from the previous physical. On that date I want the email to be sent to the email for that person in the same row.

My thought was an if-then-else column that says if todays date is the “90 days out” then start a workflow to send an email through zapier.

How do I monitor the database so when a condition is true in the database a workflow is fired to zapier?

Also how do I make it when the persons 90 days out date is true that it goes to that specific email and not everyone’s email in the database?

Thank you for your time and help!

You can’t, because it’s a computed column. And there is no way to access it. The best you can do is access the raw data via the Glide API and replicate the logic elsewhere.

If you are checking the date for a specific user, then you should already know which user to send a notification to. How would it go to everybody unless you deliberately do that?

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