Is viable to send and email when distance gets to X?

Would that be possible without zapier (not even sure if with zapier is)? When the user gets away from a location to send an email or an sms saying “you haven’t checked out” thanks to the new distance column?

Zapier could do the trick here!

I’d rather not user zapier if possible since I’m creating apps just for personal entertainment and I already have a pro one for one year!

Could create a script instead.

But the distance data is not in the sheet, so I don’t think you could script anything.

I also doubt the distance is really updated real time in the Glide data. Most likely it’s handled locally on the device. That would be a data sync nightmare otherwise. Because of that and the fact that there are no internal glide triggers at this time, and the fact that a users current position isn’t tracked in the data, I can’t think of a way send a notification. The user would have to submit a form with the distance value passed through the form, but that defeats the purpose of a proximity alert notification.


Oh that’s TRUE!

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Gotcha, I’ll try!