Triggering a zap without tapping button

Hello, I’m trying to trigger a zap email from a glide table column that returns a true value without having to add a component and have a user physically tap it…is this possible? Or could I use the send email action from within Pro? Thanks!

So do you mean when a value is turned to true, you will send an email?

Yes, exactly. The email is different than the user email, though. It’s for their caregiver.

If the source is Glide Tables, then this is not currently possible. All actions (for now) need to be user-initiated.

Glide will eventually offer time-based triggers, but to my knowledge this has not yet been planned.

What causes the value to turn to true?
Is it purely based on time?

Yes, the source is tables. Is there a way to share the value to sheets, then I could initiate a Zap from the sheet?

No, the value is based on distance. Thanks.

ah, I see. So if the user travels outside a defined radius from a specific location, yes?

Yeah, that’s tricky. Also, that’s a computed column which I believe only updates when the user has the app open. So even if there was a way to trigger something, you’d probably find that it wouldn’t be very reliable.

Theoretically, wouldn’t a Fetch JSON column be able to execute a URL, possibly a webhook, whenever a boolean value changes? Maybe not as secure since it’s running client side and would have to be essentially a public url, but I think it could be possible. Wouldn’t really matter if it returns anything or not, but it would be executing the url.


mmm, yes quite possibly. I guess that was the idea behind @gvalero’s “time trigger” concept. It’s not something that I’ve tried, but I agree that in theory it probably should work. There would still be the issue where the location is only updated whilst the app is in use to contend with, though. I’m pretty sure that’s the case, yes?


I use Google Sheets to trigger all sorts of things with Zapier. As long as your value that is changing is on a Google Sheet table, you can use Zapier to look for a value to change and then use a Zapier filter to have it send the email only when you want.


Yeah, I would agree with this.

yes, I think my trick can be part of solution but I wonder how:

  1. Send a mail directly from Glide via JS? As far I know, sending an email is a server task and a JavaScript code can’t send email from a web browser
  2. Send a webhook vía JavaScript code (using JS plugin again)?. It doesn’t look easy either, a workaround could be this but I’d not use it

I’d take the @Jeff_Hager’s idea about using the Fetch JSON column to execute a URL (a webhook?) and fire the Zap.



Thanks all! This feedback is super helpful. Curious if “app in use” means logged in to the app from phone’s browser or home screen saved app icon?

I’ll definitely explore the"Fetch JSON column" solution. Thanks very much.

Good to know that we have helped you!

“App in use” means that your APP must be loaded and running on user’s device.
Unfortunately, we still can’t fire or run background events on the Glide server side.