Trigger Multiple Actions with Button?

I have a button that triggers a Zapier sms/email reminder with some of the event details. I’d like to also add the date/time the reminder was sent to the Google sheet. Is there a way to have a single button trigger multiple concurrent actions? I suspect I could go build some additional steps in the Zap to save the timestamp back to the sheet, but I’d like to keep as much of the logic/rules within Glide as possible.



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Agreed. This is also a key feature in Adalo. Having this in Glide would be AMAZING!


If the actions your trying to trigger can be done so from Excel through Zapier, rather that Glide to Zapier directly, your options would open up. Using the Glide Action to trigger something in the sheet, allows you to take that trigger and do almost anything, assuming of course the thing you want to do is compatible with sheets in some fashion.

For the above example, if you are willing to approach AppScripts (Google Sheets’ equivalent to Excel Macros) you could likely do what you are trying to accomplish above.

Yeah, it does look like using Zapier directly with the sheet seems to be the only option currently. And I’ve poked around a bit with doing it in Zapier, but several of the columns are Glide-calculated columns - if/then, lookup - where I end having to replicate more data across more sheets for Zapier to work, and/or rebuild Glide logic outside of Glide.

The other option could be to use a form submission. This would allow as much data as required being sent to the sheet in a bite sized chunk (from both regular columns and glide/user specific columns), possibly without the need for all of the above rework. Arguably all actions could trigger once off of every new row in your form summissiom sheet. This of course depends on many factors, but might be something to consider.

Let me know if that mitigates any of the above.

I’ll have to do some experiments on using a form for this. The action is question is a Zapier ‘Zap’ that takes some of the current values from an event and includes them in an email and sms reminder to the right folks. One of the things I like about the action button is that it doesn’t require leaving the page, so there are not extra user clicks and I don’t have to rebuild the data context on the new page so that the form can have the event data to associate the reminder with the right event.

Agreed that the form does add, at a minimum, 1 extra click. However if the data is available, a number of column components can be set to auto populate the form response with the correct data. The only user interaction would be opening and immediately submitting the form.

If ofc all the data is readily available already from the form trigger page.

Hopfully that makes sense.

Makes sense. A form may be the only way to do it directly in Glide unless/until a button can trigger multiple actions.

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Glad I could help, let me know if you need anything else!

Hey there,

I was looking for a way to do this too, but I figured it out through custom actions: you create a button, then select the “Create an action” option in the Configure Action subtab; I expect I’m late to this party and you’ve figured it out already, but maybe it helps the next person that comes around!

Good-call. Custom Actions are super useful.

I have used this to change the Lead Status and update the field of when an email was sent using this. The order of your actions seems important. Originally did this in reverse order and the data update doesn’t occur but when I update fields first the email opens as well.

It might be the case that once the app opens your default email app to compose the email, Glide has lost the “pointer” and can’t proceed to set the column values anymore since the Glide app is not “active”. Just my best guess.

yes that makes sense. but works fine if you put the compose email last so all good

Yeah, if you put the set column first, then it will guarantee to be run before the email app is opened, so all good.