Zapier-Glide to Microsoft Outlook

Hi, does anyone know how to get Zapier to trigger on a submit button and send all values in the rows of the glide table instead of just one column?

Instead of using glide as the trigger you could try Google sheets as the trigger, being the trigger when a new row is added. If you use glide as the trigger you have to select all the values you want, but if I’m not wrong you are limited to 12 values

I built a zapier trigger from glide yesterday and can confirm that the maximum fields you can send to zapier is 12 :+1:

If more fields are required then agree trigger from google sheet (new row) rather than glide.

(Although triggering from glide to zapier is faster to generate the zapier action than new row on google sheet)

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Now how do I go about going from Glide Tables to Google Sheets? Is it gonna be a muck around?

Using a webhook might be the solution, as you can pull all the fields (if I’m not wrong)

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