Zapier usecases?

Hi all, off course I like the Zapier connection! To try it out I connected Glide with Basecamp and made a button. Clicking on the button makes a todo in Basecamp 'Contact Value 1 via Value 2" where Value 1 = Name and Value 2 = email adress.
So yes, it works, but how are you using it? I am looking for use cases!

I’m hoping to feed it html and an email to generate an emailed invoice. I haven’t explored how or if it will work, but that will be my first attempt when I get around to it.

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Once the triggers in Glide become more sophisticated, I hope to send email alerts to users when they’ve reached a particular status or earned a particular reward.


What would you need for that to work?

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If only glide could capture the user’s current location, I could create a button for my employee check-in app that would email or text the employee’s supervisor with their name, date/time and location with a single button press. Maybe one day!


It would need to trigger upon value in row (not a manual trigger by the user but an automated one). Probably the most efficient would be to check the value of a boolean. Only issue, knowing how Zapier works, is that the trigger wouldn’t be instant as I believe it currently is now.

It would be fantastic if zapier integration could be linked to an already existing action for bitton, form or even image.

For example, a end-user submit a form, and at form submit time, the zapier trigger raised and we could send an email, create a record somewhere out of Glide and Gsheet,…

@Mark What sort of use cases did you have in mind when connecting button / text / image to Zapier? The first one I understand, the other two I am wondering.

User triggered Zapier is certainly needed but I think its equally important to have auto triggers were usages can varies from system based triggers or based on app creator’s conditions such as auto reminders, boolean based triggers etc …

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Fully agree (for any triggers or conditions within Glide. Because zapier already provides lot of actions with Google sheet directly)

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to do that in a Google Script?

@George_B,frankly, I would not know, haven’t tried Google Script. For the no-need for coding, I like Glide. :innocent:

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I don’t know about easier since I already have the data I need in one row. I’ll just need to pass the columns as parameters to zapier. It probably would not be too bad to create a script, but zapier will take the work out of it and reduce processing time in my google account.

My users teach lessons over the course of a couple weeks and bill whenever they want. My invoices are dynamically generated tables based on each lesson they teach over the course of the billing cycle. When it’s time to send out bills, they go to the individual student’s invoice screen for that billing cycle, and that is where I hope to have functionality where the users select one of the emails from the student’s database record, then click a button to take the generated invoice and automatically email it. Or my users could have the option to send the invoice to themselves to print and hand out.

My initial idea was to generate a PDF of an invoice automatically. I never had the time to fully explore how to create a script to pull parameters, query the data I need, then place on an invoice form to be generated as a PDF. I eventually decided that I didn’t want to generate the PDF’s automatically, because there would be hundreds of PDF’s to generate and store with publicly shared links. Most of the PDF’s would possibly not even be used. I’d rather just generate an invoice for each student as needed with the push of a button. I never thought about it before, but now that zapier is added to Glide, I figure that an email with html would be much easier.

Yeah, I could have explored scripting more, but that’s work and I don’t have time for that. :wink: I want easy! I already display html formatted tables in each cell, so I think it will be pretty easy to allow the sender to specify a recipient email and click on a button to send it. I hope to pass the email and invoice table html to zapier and be done. Using zapier also gives me several other options of ways to generate and store. I’ve never used it, so I’m excited to explore the possibilities.

Before you get on me for using html, I have a good reason. I currently use it because markdown tables will not span to 100% of the width of the screen. Plus I’m using some minor font coloring. I used to (technically still do) have stylesheets to create graybar in the table, but for some reason that stopped working (around the same time iframes stopped working). I am also generating a markdown table in an unused column, so if the html side quits working, I can quickly switch over. I just wish that the markdown engine was a little better. I’d much prefer if Glide created their own markdown engine to handle some of these little quirks that the current engine has.

So long story longer, I probably could have scripted my invoices, but I didn’t and probably won’t. :wink:

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@Jeff_Hager I prefer the control I get with code, but I know how to code and it doesn’t take me very long to get what I want.

As for you not using markdown for your table data. Here is a post I just created that may work for you for your tables. Markdown tables - full screen width spacing

I code too at my paying job, but I just don’t have any desire to do much of it outside of work.

Just read through your post. I had tried with adding   spaces in markdown, but never with adding images. But I could never get consistent results depending on the data that was in the table. I still have a problem with putting spaces or images as filler because I can’t guarantee that I know the width of the device. Multiple users --> multiple devices and multiple widths. Also I need floating column widths because each of the 3 columns can contain different sizes of data. I have hundreds of combinations of details that can be in the table and each one is a different length. If each of the column’s width’s can float to make everything fit within that 100%, then I have a better visual results vs hardsetting the minimum width of all three column. If things start to wrap, then it looks horrible. I honestly tried to make it look good with markdown, but markdown uses the bare minimum cell padding and won’t span to 100% of the width of the screen. I need that right column to be aligned right on the edge of the screen. Also, my Total value needs to be right aligned to match the right side of the table. Like I said, I fully know the risks and I have markdown on standby if needed. It just won’t look as good.

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Similar use case, need to be able to pass the username via Zapier.

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The way we implement these actions makes them work the same way on Buttons, Images, and Basic Text. It would actually be extra work to make it work only on Button, and we figured somebody will find uses for it, in particular because many people already use Images as custom buttons.

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Ah OK! Thanks!

Has this come to pass yet? Is it possible to send out emails when a person/student has reached a certain point total?

It’s possible by choosing Google sheet as the source of your zap, and if the students points are stored in your gsheet.