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Hi, I need to know if it is possible to do this. Add a new row every time a user receives specific information according to the distance filter. For example: A user passes near a restaurant that I have defined as (true) and in the app he can visualize his distance, and I want to collect that data to create a new row and create a zap to send an SMS or email with advertising from that same restaurant? Well with your help and luck I will get this behavior, it would be ideal to give more robustness to my app. Thankful previously. Greetings

The only way to get any sort of indication on a user’s location would require them to do some sort of action within that app while they are near a location. Distance is calculated on the user’s device and currently an action can only be called when the user does something, like tap a button, or tap on a list item, or something like that. There is no way to fire an action without some sort of user interaction. The only way to acquire a users location would be have the user click on a location switch, or have some other action that would grab the current distance and do something if that distance is within a certain range.

Either way, I think the user would have to be interacting with the app at the moment they are in range of a specific location. I can’t think of any way to do this automatically with Glides current features.

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Hi Jeff, thanks for your reply. So with this I have the coordinates and with the “distance” template I make a filter to see if the “distance” with the restaurant is less than 1 km, that condition of visibility is fine, but my query is how I do so that when complying With this rule, this can be translated to the sheet and the user can receive an email with the advertising of that restaurant or all those that are within the distance that has been determined in the filter? Because the user has already agreed to deliver their location. How do I do it on the sheet to collect all this data and then I can send it by zapier?

Even if the user has already agreed to send the location to your app for distance calculation purposes/map displaying purposes, if you want to trigger a Zap, it needs an action somewhere in the app, and can not be done automatically if the user is not making any moves.

Let’s say the user is near restaurant A, then you can add a custom action with Zapier when the user clicks to view the restaurant inside the app, but when the user’s not using the app then there’s nothing you can do about it.


Hello Thinh, how are you, good to see you here of course as you say I am interested in the user activating their location as consent and this is executed through zapier. But how do I make this possible in the sheet for it to run. What should be the steps to follow in the google sheet, I only need to send an email with the advertising of the restaurants that I as an administrator have selected as “Featured” and not send the advertising of all the other restaurants that may be near.

To be able to do that, you would need to accept the fact that you can’t have a live value of the user’s location inside the Sheet. You can only get the user’s coordinates through the location component once, then that value is set. If you need to recalculate that, the user has to switch the location component on again to overwrite, I believe, and that is not ideal.

If you still want this to be possible in the Google Sheet, you would also have to use a formula to calculate the distance to any restaurants you have in your database. This would need a lot more rows, as the distance column inside Glide can be considered user-specific. You would need to replicate all those rows in the Sheet, and that is not scalable.

The other thing I thought seeing the App that Wiz Wazzer showed is to add a column of coordinates and time, this would show the information to 1 user and send the zap to that user, it would be impossible for 2 people to coincide at the same time and seconds executing the action . Maybe I’m wrong or I’m close … I’d like to know

As I said in the first comment, I believe your best bet is have a custom action inside Glide, let’s say if the distance is less than 1km and the restaurant is a featured one then send an email via Zapier, but that would require a custom action, and a click from the user.


Of course now I understood what you were saying, my translator confuses me, of course that’s the way, thank you very much Thinh !!! Again!!!

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