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Would it be possible to trace user location and shows on app.I am developing local restaurant food delivery app .If i can trace user location then i can show local restaurant of user location.

On the map, users can view their location and see the pins around them.

Hey @rahulchhallare it would be great if you could share you solution for this.

On the map view user can able to see his location and surrounded pins around him.
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Hey @rahulchhallare thanks, is it possible to get the location or the coordinates data of a user in excel sheet?

No, there is no way to track a user’s location in the sheet. They can only individually view their location on the map.

@Jeff_Hager is there any workaround using google map service…or using zap. I was even thinking if there is any way of getting users IP address in our sheet. Its been around 2 days I am trying to figure out if there is any alternative solutions out there. Many thanks

Not with Glide. You would probably need to find a third party app that will track and save a user’s location. Even then, it would probably take an agreement or authorization to allow the users location to be saved to your specific sheet. I have no idea. I’ve never looked into it.

I have also faced same problem I can share how I solved this problem.Basically you want to store user location data.
U can create user form where user can mention their city , address and country .
In this way u can get user location data.
I hope this would be helpful for u.

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@Jeff_Hager sorry for confusion, it was just my draft thought. :stuck_out_tongue: But is there any way to get the IP of user using zap or something like ipstack

@rahulchhallare thanks for the suggestion. I dont want any user input but I want to extract user location which has been ticked in glide app

Again, you would have to look into third party app installed on each user’s device to get that kind of data into your sheet, if that’s even possible. I don’t know if any solutions. I’m assuming there is a lot of privacy concerns that Glide would have to consider before allowing such a thing.