Hi Glyde community,

Is it possible to activate geolocalisation in city guide template?


No, the ability to track your location is not an option at this time.

What about now?

The user can locate themselves on the map, but there is no way to save that location to the sheet.

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Thanks for clarifying Jeff :raised_hands:

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I think now the are a problem with geolocation… It’s same probleme on your app ?

What kind of problem? It’s working for me. Have you blocked the app from having access to your location?

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Is that still not available. Pretty critical feature though. Any plan for that?

That is already a feature

@Jeff_Hager is it possible to generate geo coordinates based on date and time?

How would that work???

@Jeff_Hager well if we can generate date and time from geo coordinates then is not possible other way round ? Just my thought … :upside_down_face:

I don’t get how they are related. Coordinates don’t contain any date time data and date times don’t contain any coordinate data.

Dates and times for date time special value uses the devices clock. That doesn’t have anything to do with location.