User's Gps coordinates by using google sheet commands

Hi everyone,
Can we use google sheet to get user’s gps coordinates with my application. The application is about reporting events from our position on the map. I checked a lot of websites and forums and they all speak about translating adresses to gps coordinates but nothing about getting the current user’s position…
Thanks for your help guys !



Not possible at this time. Glide does not have access to the user’s GPS location.

The sheet is a back-end database. There is no feature that would link the user’s physical location to your personal google sheet. The only connection to the sheet is between Glide and Google. Not the user and google.

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Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: Do you know if there are any informations about this in the future ?

No idea. Other people have asked for it, but I have no idea what Glide has planned.