Allow users to add a pin to a map

I want users to be able put their own pins on a map.

I know I can have the user manually enter a Co-ordinate when they hit add. And I am using that co-ordinate to generate map pins. This is not a preferrable method as it requires the user to go to google maps and find their coordinate manually.

I am hoping there is a way to allow users to drop a pin on the map which then gets added as a new item in the spreadsheet with any additional relevant details (e.g. a note, name and date).

Is this possible, if so how?

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Not possible at this time. The map is a one way street, Glide sends data to it. Glide will not retrieve data (i.e. info about a click on the map) back from the map.

Edit: I just realized this was a feature request. I’ll leave my comment here anyway and acknowledge that it is not an answer to your request for this feature.

No thank you for your reply. That’s pretty much what I was wondering. It’s funny because I can have a user manually input the co ordinate. But yeah I imagine this may or may not become a feature.

Hello, I know this is not precisely what you need but this link helped me a lot:

Basically you can get coordinates from specific adressess, you can add a function to do this on Google Sheets