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I’m using Classic Apps, I have a Babysitting exchange app where users can create babysitting requests and offers. When someone creates a babysitting request I want to send an email to users who live nearby to notify them. On the User Profile sheet, I have the address of the users, I have a column calculating the distance (I know it’s the distance from the current location of the browser).
I have set up an IF column and I tried a joint list to summarize them, but it summarizes all 3 nearby for all users. How could I do this so it works well?

Thanks a lot :pray:

(PS. emails are anonymized, they were collected while I was on a free plan)

Create an if-then-else column:

  • if Nearby is not empty, then JoinNearby

But I’m not sure that you actually need that. How do you intend to trigger the email?
The way you have it setup at the moment, if you use a Send Email action and trigger it as any user, and feed it the joined list, then just those nearby users will get the email.

Isn’t that what you want?


Yes, you are right, it seems to work this way. Thank you :wink:

Also, as far as I’m aware, distance only works when the user enables access to the location services. Do you know if a user closes the prompt box for enabling the location/or they don’t allow it in the beginning where/how can they change this in case of a Glide Classic App?

There is probably better information out there if you just search for it, but you have to consider location services for the device as a whole, then location permissions for individual apps, and finally location permissions for individual websites in your browser.

Here a brief summary.


Thanks a lot, Jeff. It’s all clear now.

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One last question @Darren_Murphy, is there a way to exclude the signed-in user from the Nearby join list (I’m using the IF solution)? :pray:

Add an extra condition to your Nearby if-then-else column:

  • If email is signed in user, then null (leave empty)

And make that the first condition.

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Thanks a lot for your help, it works this way! :pray:

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