Near map, then they can Submit their presence

Hello Gliders,
I’m trying to make an app like attendance, and need a condition like this:
If the user’s is near the location that we already Specified, then he can submit his presence (click the submit form).

I’ve tried to use my current location, but this feature doesn’t have a validation if the participant was close to the location, I need conditions if they are near the location, then they can submit

Is this possibble with Glide?
Need help from Gliders here
Any comment are really appreciate.
Thank you.

You can create a Distance column and then set a visibility condition to show the button when the distance is below whichever threshold you choose.


Hi Jeff, so sorry for this late reply.
anyway, can u share the image how it works?
i tried several times but it doesnt work for me, probably there’s something that i missed from what you explained.

What have you tried? On the table of the screen that contains your form button, you should have a column with an address or coordinates, and then a distance column that calculated the user’s distance from that address or coordinates. Then you can set a condition on the form button to only show when the distance is less than a certain number.


I would be super interesting in finding out about this as well.

@Jeff_Hager would you be able to share how this is done?

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