City guide

I saw the city guide template … I have a use case for a trail walk… I wanted to have it done in such a way that if the user walks to within a predefined geolocation, then the information of the area such as tree information will pop up … I think similar to Pokemon game…

Has this been done in Glide? any examples?


In the actual use scenario,

  • User would turn on a trail they want to walk
  • Geolocation is turned on
  • User will be in map mode and can see their own movement
  • Once they come near a predefined area, then the information about the area will pop up
  • there may be some actions to be done at this place from the user, such as taking a photo of them on location and submitting into the APP.

You can use the distance column to compare a location to your current location. You can then use that column to filter your data based on whatever distance you choose. For example, you can choose to only show points of interest that are within 100 feet.


thanks @Jeff_Hager
let me play around